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The Centre for Research and European Studies – Future Business association was founded in January 2019 by 10 Organizations from 8 different EU countries across Europe, with expertise for an innovative development perspective of “future business”. Its actors (Universities, business, educational institutions, VET providers, etc.) joined forces to develop and implement studies, research and European projects and cooperate to move forward professional collaborations in the field of human resources management, education and training, ICT, social inclusion and quality assurance. CRES vision is to make quality lifelong learning, education and training reality for everyone in order to enhance economic growth and social inclusion and to boost employability opportunities across Europe. The mission is to strengthen the cooperation among the Members and promote active citizenship in Europe. Also, to develop professionality in line with the market needs.  

To date CRES brings together 32 organizations from 18 different EU countries and act as an EU umbrella Association enhancing and valorising the professional network of its members, promoting capacity building across diverse professionals and age groups. Moreover, CRES is active in knowledge and skills developments towards personal and professional development, through research and collaboration with EU actors from the public, private and third sector of economy.

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